bad motivator

Photo by Alicia Hauff Photography

Photo by Alicia Hauff Photography

Bad Motivator is a 4 man garage/punk/rock band from Spokane, WA.

"A hard-rocking four-piece, their name might be Star Wars-inspired, but the music isn't: It's heavy riffage with surfy influences, augmented by out-of-the-garage fuzz.” -The Inlander

• Formed by Ian Nelson (Local Pavlov, The Ongoing Concept), he’s joined by Garrett Zanol on drums (Indian Goat, Blackwater Prophet), lovable newcomer Joey Ozol on bass (no previous, just a killer ‘stache, which I personally think over-qualifies him but who am I right?)⁣ and rounding out the mayhem is Scottie Feider on Lead Guitar ( Deer, Pine League)
Their debut album: Pleasure Island was released on June 14th, 2019