kris martin

Label Daddy • Someone has to brainchild a way to showcase all your talented musician friends and I guess that’s where I come in. I’ve always been a rabid supporter of music and I got tired of hearing all the limitations presented to my friends in bands so thought I may be able to help out and decided to start a record label. Simple, dumb and most certainly a decision that will make me feel like it was a good call sometime in the next 2 decades. Who needs a retirement account in this day and age anyways?

I opened a screen printing shop: CorpoRAT Printshop in 2015 and figured I could put my resources and love for cool, limited edition art and music to good use with the record label. I’ve asked a few of my other talented friends to come along for the journey and lend their talents to this thing so I’d recommend supporting them, their individual creative endeavors and help us continue to build a unique home base to showcase the Inland Northwest music community. The more you support us, the more of it I can try to bring to people willing to listen. . .because you know, we all have sick craving for music and art, if you didn’t why are you reading this?

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ian nelson

Press • A&R • Resident creep extraordinaire and mustached mister of mayhem. Ian has been an active member of our local music scene for as long as I can remember whether it was playing in Local Pavlov, The Static Tones, playing bass in The Ongoing Concept or now leading Bad Motivator to greatness. Ian has become a great friend, a critical buffer and always there to pick up the slack of our Label Daddy whenever possible. He is the liaison between our lofty goals and the seedy underbelly of the NW music scene.

Merging the chaos of wrangling multiple bands, schedules, releases and personalities, we count on Ian to always be out listening, attending and creating. All of this while juggling the 87 bands he’s currently in. We couldn’t do this without his vast knowledge of music and love for everything related. The man is crucial, treat him as such.


alicia hauff

Alicia is the master craftswoman behind the amazing photography of the label and the bands on it. She’s quickly established herself as one of the premiere live photographers in the NW and beyond. Her eye for lighting, composition and overall pixie demeanor brings a visual component and aesthetic to the musicians we put forth to perfectly capture their personalities. She’s been shooting for almost 2 decades and it shows.

You’ll see her, the hair and her work all over the NW, up and down the coast, shooting bands like Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads, Snoop Dogg, Circa Survive, Mastodon and the list goes on and on. She’s become one of the premiere live photographers in the NW, her live photos as well as promo photos are more professional than we deserve and we couldn’t possibly find a better co-conspirator to work with every chance we get. Find her through her Instagram: @ahpconcerts to hire her for your event, show or portraits.


wes marvin

Wes is the brainchild behind HyperTuna Productions and is responsible for much of the video content done for our bands and the label you see. HyperTuna has had the opportunity to create content for some amazing bands, and businesses all over the Northwest and beyond. HyperTuna Productions has become a go to source in the Inland Northwest for Music Videos, Live Performance Videos, and Video Flyers.

Wes also happens to be an amazing, talented, multi-instrumentalist and plays drums for thrpii who are our staple hardcore band here on CorpoRAT Records. Fucking thrilled to call Wes a friend, collaborated and have him be such a massive part of our family here at CorpoRAT Records. To find out more about HyperTuna Productions and potentially hiring them for some work, follow the link: • IG: @hypertunaproductions