Photo by Alicia Hauff Photography

Photo by Alicia Hauff Photography

Thrpii is a hardcore band (with elements of doom, grind, and sludge) based out of Spokane, WA that formed in 2018, by longtime no-gooders Justin Mitchell, Micah Luebben (dee-em, The blu, Sp00ky), Jared Price, and Wes Marvin. In March, 2019, Jake Malet was added to the lineup. ⁣

thrpii (pronounced therapy) was ideated by a common compulsion towards release and a noticed therapeutic quality associated with the more intense and bodily expressions of emotion; all this carries into their live performance. thrpii started gaining positive traction from their notoriously heavy and destructive house shows—especially as they began work on their first official release “sessions”.

thrpii has a tour planned for early May 2019, supporting two piece math/grind band Pound from Seattle, WA. We’ll be releasing their first EP: sessions in physical format on limited edition cassette. Lot’s more to announce soon with these guys so stay tuned!⁣