You create a community with music, not just at concerts but by talking about it with your friends.
— david byrne

CorpoRAT Records was conceived and started in January of 2018. However, its roots stretch back to the days of being young, lonely and still trying to find your bearings in the world. When all you had was a radio and a cassette tape. It gave you access, an insight to a whole other part of the world that you could never experience outside of your quiet, confined, hometown existence. You were transported by notes, noises, harmony and lyrics to somewhere better than the musty basement you were listening to it all in. You began to change, to be defined, to come alive. You remember the band your older brother took you to, finding the old LPs your parents put out in the garage, the first road trip with friends to a music festival. Music defines our youth and shapes our future selfs.


This label is meant to be a home. A place for all us who never forgot the comfort that musty basement provided. The headphones we put on that muted out all life’s problems that we didn’t have the tools to fix. I wanted musicians and artists in my community to have a chance to do things with their music & art that a lot of places don’t seem to nurture. To give them a chance to make other people feel like I did growing up. Enable them to transport their music as far as it can reach. For others to be able to take solace in a song, escape in an album or create a memory with a soundtrack. Music has kept me alive and I want to do my part to make sure I give back to those that feel the same way. I truly hope you hear something you needed to.

Kris Martin • CorpoRAT Records